# import library
import biorad1sc_reader

# setup reader with input file
myreader = biorad1sc_reader.Reader("my_biorad_file.1sc")

# setup reader with file-like object
my2sc_fh = open("my_biorad_file2.1sc", 'rb')
myreader2 = biorad1sc_reader.Reader(my2sc_fh)

# get list/dict of all metadata in 1sc file
my_img_metadata = myreader.get_metadata()

# get a more succinct data structure of all metadata in 1sc file
my_img_metadata = myreader.get_metadata_compact()

# get a quick summary of some metadata about the image in the 1sc file
my_img_metadata = myreader.get_img_summary()

# Different options for writing image data out as a TIFF file
myreader.save_img_as_tif("unscaled_inverted_brightness.tif", invert=True)
myreader.save_img_as_tif_sc("scaled_brightness_more.tif", scale=0.8)
myreader.save_img_as_tif_sc("scaled_inverted_brightness.tif", invert=True)